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Hosting Parameters — 1000 General Plan
Country: GER
Disk capacity: 1000 MB
Monthly Traffic: 20000 GB
Subdomains: 10
Domain Parking: 5
FTP Accounts: 15
Price setting: $ 500

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Basic Features details of basic services
1000 General Plan
Hosting Plan costs (free installation fee)
$600 / Years
Total storage space
1000 MB
Data transfer
20 GB / Months
Free subdomains
MySQL database
Free parking at
Sub-FTP accounts
Unix platform
Web Console
24/7/365 Online Technical Support Services (English)
Frontpage Support
Private CGI-BIN
Security Code transmission technology (SSL)
Support for Perl, TCL, Ruby, Python and PHP4 & 5 program
Custom error display page (404 Page)
Password protected web administration
Website analysis
Technical Support Server Side Includes (SSI)
E-mail filter virus protection (Anti-virus protection)
Spam filter protection (Anti-spam protection)
Webmail Service
POP3 server; outgoing mail server (SMTP); IMAP feature
The default e-mail address (Catch all emails)
Assigned to self-manage e-mail settings and mail space
Hit Counter Visitors Calculator
FormMail application
Guest Book Catalog
Site search engine code
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How To Buy

Please pay within three working days in the payment and the receipt sent to:

MACAO BANK    :  BANCO WENG HANG, S.A. (澳門永亨銀行) 

ACCOUNT  HKD : 118167-100 


B: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Account :*******************

C: Alipay
Account :*******************

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